giovedì 8 settembre 2011

Accessori di Windows. A chi servono?

<< Like many “built-in” tools in Windows (such as WordPad, backup, image editing, etc.), Microsoft offers its operating system’s customers a basic solution to common needs, while providing Microsoft partners, and even Microsoft itself, the opportunity to build more robust solutions. For example, Microsoft licenses their robust Word and Outlook applications, Adobe offers Photoshop, and enterprise ISVs such as Symantec, CA, and Acronis offer comprehensive data backup solutions. Built-in tools can be useful for home and casual use, but due to their limitations, a more full-featured approach is necessary for the demanding business, government and enterprise environments. You wouldn’t expect your organization’s design department to rely on Microsoft Paint. The point of that statement is that relying on tools that offer only basic functionality reduces the productive capacity of the user. Third-party programs typically offer solutions in the form of advanced features and functionality, which add value and reduce costs to an organization’s bottom line. >>

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